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Fabulous Feedback Award

Fabulous Feedback Award for 2024

Shay Parker’s Best American Psychics proudly presents Regg Evans as the esteemed recipient of the Fabulous Feedback Award for 2024! Regg has consistently received overwhelmingly positive feedback from his clients throughout the year, reflecting his exceptional dedication and service.

Regg Evans, a Natural Empath, Professional Psychic, Medium, and Spiritualist National Union Registered Healing Medium, has passionately served his recipients, clients, and peers. Offering a diverse array of services ranging from Psychic Soul Readings, Relationships, Career Guidance, and Oracle Card Readings to Spiritualist Healing Mediumship and more, Regg caters to individual needs through Zoom, phone conversations, chat services, and email queries with a swift 24 to 48-hour response time.

Based in Michigan and extending services to North America, Canada, and international clients, Regg Evans invites everyone seeking clarity and guidance to benefit from his expertise.

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Regg approaches each session with honesty, integrity, and a commitment to addressing your queries while respecting your openness to receive messages and insights directed specifically to you. Through your sessions with Regg, explore personal and professional realms, relationships, spiritual growth, and self-discovery. Life’s mysteries and clarity await!

Connect with Regg Evans, recipient of the Fabulous Feedback Award, and embark on a journey of revelation and understanding.

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