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Regg is a natural Empath, Psychic and Medium that enjoys being of service to his clients and peers. The Services that Regg provides ranges from Psychic Soul  Readings, Psychic Email Readings, Mediumship Sessions, Oracle Card Readings and Intuitive Personal and Professional Guidance Sessions (Please inquire directly for Professional Guidance Sessions). These services can be communicated by voice to video or phone conversations, zoom video conferences, chat services and email psychic correspondence.  

Regg is a standing member of the Spiritualist National Union (SNU) and professionally tested and vetted on Bob Olson Best Psychic Directory and Shay Parker Best American Psychic. Regg is also a Senior Member of (SDG) Spiritual Development Group, facilitated by Minister Marc Lainhart , Britiish trained International Psychic and Spiriutal Medium.   Regg believes in the prinicple that we are all connected as brothers & sisters charged to be supporters, teachers and peers to each other.

We all have a life purpose to reach that guides us like a compass and a natural ability that we use to reach our highest good. Regg has recognized his calling and identified where he can make the most difference by being of service to you through his psychic and mediumship natural abilities.

This website the is a community portal of transcommunication services, open ideas, intuitive experiences and a open platform for you to discover and explore. Through signs and symbols the journey begins to discover what is seen and unseen.

Regg started recognizing his signs and symbols through his own personal awakening experience. Regg was able to recognize patterns and perceptions that opened a path to self discovery.  By practicing how to sit in silence and connect with his soul, Regg developed and enabled a method of communication which allowed his channel to and from spirit to manifest.  By practicing meditation, Regg learned to calm his mind for the development of working in Mediumship and Psychism. This was the journey of transformation from the physical to spiritual.

There is a reason why we surrender and release that which no longer serves us. Regg felt this calling and set the intention to listen, surrender and follow this path that was outlined for his journey and spiritual etheric development.  

Regg will always act with the intention to be authentic, honest and sincere on sharing messages that he receives for all recipients.  We are just the vehicle of communication. 


The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity. - Leo Tolstoy
Signs of Ascending
  • Shay Parker Best American Psychic 
  • Bob Olson Best Psychic Directory
  • Spiritualist National Union (SNU) Member
  • Spiritual Development Group, Mentor Marc Lainhart, Intuitive Prospector