Inquire Within


Regg is a natural Empath, Psychic and Medium that enjoys being of service to his clients and peers. The Services that Regg provides ranges from Psychic Readings, Mediumship Sessions, Oracle Card Readings and Intuitive Guidance Readings. These services can be communicated by phones calls, video conferences and email correspondence. 

We all have a life purpose and gift. Regg has recognized his calling and identified where he can make a difference with his natural gifts. The creation of this website provides a portal for communicating ideas, experiences and services for clients to discover and explore. Through signs and symbols the journey begins to discover what is seen and unseen.

Regg started recognizing his signs and symbols through dreams, meditative practices and focusing on his natural senses. This journey started shifting his physical and personal life that resulted in releasing what no longer served him.  The discovery of a more enlightened presence manifested into his spiritual journey. Life after this awakening revealed questions that required answers, teachers that became mentors and supportive peers that developed into spiritual development groups and resources.

I always act with the intention to be authentic, honest, sincere and hope to translate that message in a way that will enlighten the presence of your signs and symbols.

Signs of Ascending
  • Shay Parker Best American Psychic Tested Member
  • The Spiritualist National Union (SNU)