Inquire Within


I seek to use my gifts of sensitivity to help and guide you.

As a youth through young adulthood, my sensitivity was a gift that I viewed as a burden. I was keenly aware of other’s feelings and energies without understanding why this was happening.  In my early life leading through my 30’s, I encountered many hardships which only sharpened my ability to listen to that which was both spoken and unspoken. Throughout my adulthood, life afforded me many achievements. These milestones were materialistic but ultimately unrewarding.

I had a profound awakening and understanding of a deeper spiritual path that opened up before me.  Along this deep spiritual journey, I became aware of 3 Angelic Messengers providing me with guidance and insight.  My Angelic Guides have deepened my awareness of a greater spiritual consciousness. Through their insight, I was able to understand and develop my intuitive gift of helping others on their life journey.

During my conversation with you, we will discover the meaning of your signs and symbols. My gifts of Sensitivity, Mediumship and Intuitive Dialogue will enlighten you to discover the meanings of your signs and symbols.