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Psychic Reading and Psychic Intuitive Guidance

After a few sessions with Regg, I can say with all certainty that he is a truly enlightened being. In moments of doubt, loss or personal trouble Regg has been a guiding light. Filled with empathy and willing to take the time needed to communicate all that is coming through to him. In every session I have felt supported and, especially, seen. In details, experiences or thoughts I hadn’t necessarily picked up on, but recognized strongly once communicated to me. Since the first session, where Regg told me some things would come to happen that I truly never thought possible but eventually occurred, I have been in awe of him. Through the last year, Regg has not only helped me believe in myself but also, in the power of the universe. And for that, I’m extremely thankful. April 22, 2024 Carolina C

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Psychic Reading, Psychic Intuitive Guidance and Spiritual Healing Session

What an amazing healer and seer. He feels like a close friend who has known you for years. His reading helped me discover things about myself that no one could reveal. A deep connection is what you get with him. He can bring clarity into all your issues. It’s like lifting the veil f thoughts and perceptions into clear messages to help you move forward. An amazing reader. I absolutely didn’t say much but he knew more about me than myself and he delivered it in a kind and compassionate way. Do yourself a favor and book a reading with him.                                                        April 17, 2024                                                         Kandarpa M

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Psychic Reading & Spiritual Healing Session

Embarking on a journey of self-discovery and seeking guidance beyond the tangible realm brought me to Regg. Our initial meeting sparked an immediate connection; his kindness and compassion were palpable. Regg’s intuition and empathy foster an atmosphere of trust and openness. After our healing and psychic session, I felt lighter and more at peace with my current life path. Regg possesses a remarkable gift, and his insights instilled confidence in my new journey. I highly recommend him to anyone in search of clarity, validation, or guidance. Cori Baker March 23, 2024

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Psychic Reading

OMG what an awesome reading full of insight but I truly felt that Regg was definitely connecting with me and that was very important to me. He picked up on all the issues that were on my mind without my saying a word. We delved deeper into those issues in further detail throughout the reading. Not only was this a comfortable reading but I truly felt understood. Regg also provided a reading recap via email which was so unexpected but it’s nice to be able to go back and review the information provided. Regg also offered to assist me regarding job and moving and what areas/position would be good for me. Do not hesitate to book your own reading with Regg. I’m looking forward to my next one already….  Nannette

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Psychic Reading

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing a reading with Regg, and I can honestly say it was one of the most insightful and impactful sessions I’ve ever had with a psychic intuitive. Regg has a genuine charisma and sincerity that puts you at ease, making it easy to be open with him. Regg accurately picked up on several aspects of my life, both past and present. This gave me confidence in his abilities and instilled a sense of trust in the guidance offered. Regg presented possibilities with authenticity, optimism, and encouragement, leaving me feeling motivated and hopeful for what lies ahead. Overall, I highly recommend Regg to anyone seeking an intuitive reading. His positive energy, accurate insights, and empowering guidance make for a truly transformative experience. Veronica  

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Psychic Reading/ Psychic Intuitive Guidance

I had a wonderful conversation with Regg for the 1st time.  Immediately I was very comfortable with who he was, the way he presented. I knew that he was the real deal I could rely on his honest and caring approach.    It was a quick reading, but POWERFUL. He repeatedly hit the nail right on the head, and me right between the eyes over and over.    I’m looking forward some additional sessions with him in the months to come. Eric Webster

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Psychic Readings

Regg is incredible! This was my first session with him, and it was like talking to an old friend. He’s very personable and respectful. He goes out of his way to make sure you truly get what he’s saying. Throughout the session, he channeled a lot of details that were accurate (details that can’t be found online.) And his statements weren’t so general that they could apply to anyone. They were specific enough to my situation. I’ve received more value and care from Regg than from MANY who charge double and even triple his fee. I have pages of notes that I’m still digesting. Thankfully, he sends an email follow-up that summarizes the key points from the session. I’m waiting on a few predictions, but Regg truly has a gift and I look forward to more sessions. Mike W.

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Psychic Reading

Regg Evans is a divine being, an incredible psychic healer, medium and much more. He stands out separate and apart from other intuitives. His words are so soothing, and love-filled and I found him to have such pinpointed accuracy. He zoned right in and got things spot on. He has such a knowingness and an amazing energy that makes you feel uplifted and empowered in his energy space.  He cares so deeply and loves and respects his clients. He has an innate nature to want to help those he connects with on their life journey. Regg is truly gifted in so many ways. Right away he started to zero in on things about my life and he knew things that I did not share about myself, and events that took place which was of great importance to me. During my session I felt him connect with my soul at the deepest level. He seemed to know me so well as if we knew each other for years.  His insight uplifted my heart with his treasured words. It is very obvious that he is blessed with a divine gift of knowingness and being able to remotely see into someone’s past, present and future events. In addition to his psychic gifts he also offers solutions of how to heal and cope with one’s present circumstances. Regg is in this business to help people heal and it is very clear to me that he is extremely unique. Anyone who is lucky enough to speak with him should consider this a truly great blessing. I highly recommend him to all. Pamela B.

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