Signs of Ascending – Regg Evans

Psychic Reading

Regg Evans is a divine being, an incredible psychic healer, medium and much more. He stands out separate and apart from other intuitives. His words are so soothing, and love-filled and I found him to have such pinpointed accuracy. He zoned right in and got things spot on. He has such a knowingness and an amazing energy that makes you feel uplifted and empowered in his energy space.  He cares so deeply and loves and respects his clients. He has an innate nature to want to help those he connects with on their life journey.

Regg is truly gifted in so many ways. Right away he started to zero in on things about my life and he knew things that I did not share about myself, and events that took place which was of great importance to me. During my session I felt him connect with my soul at the deepest level. He seemed to know me so well as if we knew each other for years.  His insight uplifted my heart with his treasured words. It is very obvious that he is blessed with a divine gift of knowingness and being able to remotely see into someone’s past, present and future events.

In addition to his psychic gifts he also offers solutions of how to heal and cope with one’s present circumstances. Regg is in this business to help people heal and it is very clear to me that he is extremely unique. Anyone who is lucky enough to speak with him should consider this a truly great blessing. I highly recommend him to all.

Pamela B.